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Westgate Auto Upholstery - About Us

Brett Phillips started his trade in 1972 with Newmarket Auto Trimmers where he completed his apprenticeship.

He left in 1978 to travel overseas for 7 months. Upon returning joined a company manufacturing new car interiors.

He then returned to Newmarket Auto Trimmers, where he worked until the business was sold.

The business was sold again in April 2007 to Auckland Auto Trimmers.
At this point Brett decided to work from home. He started by contracting to Auckland Auto Trimmers refitting leather interiors to Suzuki swifts and also making torneau covers for Utilities. A number of people who knew Brett from Newmarket Auto Trimmers tracked him down and he now looks after them just as he did before.

In addition, Brett had built a reputation in the muscle car scene for brilliant work, and he has worked on a range of muscle cars, street machines and classics.

Experience Counts

Described as an "Old School" craftsman, Brett has the ability to look at a job and see in his mind exactly what needs to be done and where he can improve upon the original to give the finished product a factory look, but with better underlying structure.

Brett´s passion for muscle cars has attracted a number of enthusiasts to his door, seeking someone who understands that they need an upholsterer to look after their baby, not just stick it in the corner and add vinyl and glue. Any car enthusiast knows how hard it is to find the right person to get the job done right

Car Dealers Appreciate the Service

In addition, Brett has a long standing relationship with a large number of car dealers in the Auckland area.
Their needs are slightly different to the car enthusiast, they require a great job at a reasonable price and they need it NOW.

Westgate Auto Upholstery will look after the car dealer so that they can get their customers new car to them within a very quick time frame.

Brett offers a free pick up and delivery service within the Auckland area. Give Brett a call for more details.

What are your needs?

If you have a project in mind, give Brett a call and discuss what you had in mind, or make a time to bring the vehicle around and discuss the options available.